Update on Resuming In-Person Worship

Update on Resuming In-Person Worship

Dear sisters and brothers,

In an abundance of caution and facing logistical challenges, our session postponed the target date for resuming in-person worship until November 15th. We were previously looking at October 11th for testing outdoor/drive-in worship.

We know this may be disappointing news. We are very sorry.

Your health, and that of your loved ones, was our first concern. Yes, this is a very cautious approach. However, while holding off a couple weeks is disappointing, the possible consequences of someone becoming infected are terrible.

There are also practical concerns. Our worship team contacted churches and people involved with outdoor worship, as well as researching online, and identified challenges and difficulties to be avoided. Some challenges can be overcome, some would just take a lot of work, and others will require the purchase of equipment. This made made more difficult by plans for Nancy and I to get away for vacation at the end of October.

In the end, trusting God, the session decided to target November 15 to resume indoors in-person worship, bypassing the challenges of worship out of doors, the manpower required, and the need for someone to take up the necessary technical tasks in my absence. Please remember that the session will be revisiting this date in light of current conditions as we get closer, many safety measures such as distance and masks will be required, and that it will likely not be prudent for some of our congregation to attend in person.

In the meantime, we pray that God will bless you and speak to you through our ongoing video worship services.