Bigger and Better

Bigger and Better

April 14, 2024

Luke 24:13-35


Then their eyes were opened, and they recognized him.

from Luke 24:31


He is risen!
He is risen indeed!

The challenge to our faith isn't that we expect too much, but that we expect too little.

Our shortsighted expectations are obstacles to fully knowing and experiencing God's grace. We prefer for God to do things our way, rather than our doing things God's way. Many would prefer to win the lottery than the joy God offers that wealth can never buy. We prefer lives of leisure when the deepest and most satisfying joy comes from serving others. Our ultimate fear is death when, in Jesus, the death of our bodies is birth into new life.

Upon reaching their destination, instead of saying goodbye to the person they were walking with, they invited Jesus to their home, demonstrating hospitality towards a stranger, despite their personal disappointment and disillusionment. It was then that their eyes were opened and their world changed as they recognized the risen Jesus. What they previously believed to be defeat was revealed as a victory.