God Doesn't Fit in Your Box - Isaiah 55:8-9

God Doesn't Fit in Your Box - Isaiah 55:8-9

May 15, 2022


The Lord says:
My thoughts and my ways are not yours.
Just as the heavens are higher than the earth,
my thoughts and my ways are higher than yours.

from Isaiah 55:8-9


Isaiah 55:8-9

Pastor Ivan Castro of Refugio de Dios Preaching

"God, listen to my great idea. You are really going to love it!" a friend in seminary summarized one of her recent times of prayer - while laughing uproariously at herself.

While her prayer reveals a wonderful intimacy and nearness with God, she realized that at that moment she was monumentally under-appreciating the God to whom she was praying. Like a loving parent, God longs for us to share our deepest pain and our greatest joys, the smallest and largest parts of our hearts. But, like a parent with a child, loving these moments together, God is the one who knows immeasurably more, has a perspective far beyond our own, knows what is of greatest value, and is lovingly committed to our ultimate welfare.

Note: Technical problems interrupted today's service and a portion of the sermon was lost.

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