God's-Eye View

God's-Eye View

Luke 19:28-42
April 2, 2023


“Blessed is the king
who comes in the name of the Lord!"

Luke 19:38


Every time Jesus does or says something that feels weird to us, we need to pay attention. He is revealing something of God we have not yet experienced ourselves.

Jesus reveals the heart of God as he does many things that did not make sense to those around him.

  • Jesus was welcomed by and ate and drank with the sinners, as well as Pharisees, even though they wouldn’t welcome each other.
  • Jesus said that he came to seek and to save the lost, not to elevate the 99.
  • Jesus gave himself for sinners rather than condemning them.
  • Jesus condemned the self-righteous and judgmental, rather than congratulating them.
  • Jesus approaches Jerusalem, where he has foretold that he would be betrayed, suffer, and be killed,

  • before he is raised on the third day.

Jesus sees the situation differently than those around him. Do we see ourselves and others the way Jesus does, or is there more that we have yet to experience?

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