Good Friday Service - April 10, 2020

Good Friday Service - April 10, 2020

Please join our virtual Good Friday Tenebrae service. The ancient tradition of Tenebrae services dates back to the early years of the church. Derived from the Latin word meaning “shadows,” Tenebrae depicts, through the reading of scripture, extinguishing of candles, and the dimming of lights, the suffering and death of Jesus.

You are invited to listen to the words of Scripture, not just with your ears and mind, but especially with your heart and imagination as we walk alongside Jesus.

Join Oviedo Presbyterian and Hope Presbyterian Church at Lake Nona for this at-home Tenebrae Service to mark Jesus' final hours. We encourage participants to designate four lights (or sets of lights) to extinguish at times designated on the screen -- moving your room into deeper darkness. Ideally when you extinguish the fourth light, your room will be mostly dark apart from the dim light of the screen for the final readings and musical piece. The service features musical pieces on piano by Joy Lay, on recorder by Keith Lay, and on violin by Bethany Connell -- with readings by Oviedo pastor Paul Ogne and Hope pastor Nancy Graham Ogne.

Listening and watching tips:

  • Please expand the video to fill your display
  • Please take advantage of the closed captioning if you have any difficulty understanding what is being said. Do this by clicking on the "CC" in a white box at the bottom of your video.
  • The service has opportunities for you to reflect on what Jesus experienced for our sake. Please use your pause button if you would like more time to reflect.

Music performed under CCLI License #11123016 which includes streaming permissions