How the Bible Can Change Your Life

How the Bible Can Change Your Life

January 7, 2024
Caleb Ives of Emmaus Ministries Preaching


Your word is a lamp to my feet
and a light to my path.

from Psalm 119:105


God offers us far more than we can ever ask or imagine in the Bible. We miss out on so much if it sits on a shelf or in a drawer collecting dust. And yet so many Christians miss out on this blessing because they do not know where to start, have been bored by preachers and teachers, don't know what to do with parts that confuse us, and never learn how to apply this ancient but living blessing to 21st-century life.

Caleb Ives preached this Sunday bringing this opportunity to life. He is the executive director for Emmaus Ministries which specializes in teaching and preparing people to understand and apply God's Word in their lives.

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