Sermon July 18, 2021

Sermon July 18, 2021

Expecting too Little

Peter said, “I have no silver or gold, but what I have I give you;
in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, stand up and walk.”

Acts 3:1-10

Sermon July 18, 2021

As Peter and John were heading to the Temple to pray, a man lame from birth asked them for alms. Peter explains that he doesn't have any cash, but he will give him something far better - healing of his life-long infirmity.

We are often tempted to settle for far less than God offers. Rather than going through the motions, what would happen if we take the steps God is already leading us toward?

God's plan is to make us "new" people, not just better people.

Scripture: Acts 3:1-10