Luke 16:1-15
January 21, 2024


You justify yourselves in the sight of others,
but God knows your heart.

from Luke 16:14


Short-sightedness is when we see things that are near better than we do things in the distance - both literally as well as figuratively. The problem is, if we don't see things at a distance, or consider their importance, what we do see will often mislead us.

Jesus tells a parable about a manager who fraudulently deals with people who owe his boss, hoping that they will return the favor when he needs it. While the boss recognizes the short-sighted shrewdness in the manager's plan, Jesus points far beyond earthly wealth. True lasting value is not found in shrewd crooked choices but in God's eternal values and purposes.

As Bob Dillon sang, we gotta serve somebody. We need to choose. Will we serve earthly wealth or eternal treasure?